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ALITI PERFORMANCE GROUPS is proud to spread the cultures of the world across the nation, one performance at a time.

Powered by ALITI GROUP LLC and in partnership with Brookfield Properties, the number one luxury retail real estate developers in the United States, the ALITI PERFORMANCE GROUPS perform at ALITI NIGHTS at luxury malls nationwide.

The events take the group’s audiences on a continental tour by displaying riveting cultural dances, fashion shows, skits, singing performances, and more.


American video streaming service operated by ALITI GROUP LLC.

OTT Channel broadcast from the States across 53 Countries to 28.9 Million People Worldwide.

Enjoy ALITI Entertainment TV Originals and a diverse catalog of content from TV shows to films, movies, documentaries and musicals.

Now available and streaming online – worldwide.

Free Movies & TV Shows

Subscription streaming with AD Free entertainment

TV Shows - Drama - Comedy - Reality TV Shows.


ALITI AMERICAN ONLINE SCHOOL is an Illinois based American Private School focused on the provision of online K-12 homeschooling education to 

stateside Americans; as well as Americans and non-Americans overseas. 

Supported by The Coalition for Responsible Home Education, ALITI AMERICAN ONLINE SCHOOL follows a US Curriculum as stipulated by the Illinois State Board of Education and the US Department of Education; with students taught online by Stateside American Educators. 

Graduates of ALITI AMERICAN ONLINE SCHOOL receive a US Diploma respected by all colleges, universities and employment establishments worldwide.

ALINA LIWO Business Solutions

ALINA LIWO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS provides Business Consultancy and Development Services to


2.Established Businesses

Our professional Business Consultancy and Development Services have been provided to companies and start-ups from all over the world; 

such as the USA, UAE, Canada, China, Italy, Nigeria, Ghana, and more. 

Our portfolio consists of provided services to businesses and start-ups in a diverse range of industries; such as schools and nurseries, 

training institutes, events management companies, fitness, restaurants, beauty salons and spas, beauty and cosmetics general trading companies, 

media publication establishments, fashion design, real estate, entertainment, non-profit organizations and more.


Established in May, 2009, ALITI FASHIONS is an Illinois, USA based fashion brand, focused on providing a wide variety of unique, quality filled women's, men's and children's custom apparel; from Day Wear to Bridal Wear. ALITI FASHIONS uses a rich array of textiles and breaks cultural boundaries by creating designs that defines its wearer; while bringing out their inner beauty, elegance, grace and poise.

ALITI Productions & Talent Agency, USA

ALITI Productions & Talents, FZ LLE (Dubai)

The ALITI Productions & Talent Agency USA branch was established in October, 2013, and in September, 2017, the Dubai, UAE branch, 

ALITI Productions & Talents, FZ LLE was launched.

ALITI P&T works with over 320+ Child Talent and Adult Talent from across the USA and from all over the world; focusing on the provision of:

Talent Castings and Bookings,
Career Development Services,
Talent Development Services,

Talent PR/ Marketing, Management and Representation Services; and

Content Creation, Media Advertising and Production Services.

PRO Designed Websites

Custom designed websites and landing pages for businesses in all industries.

You & Me Forever Bridal

Bridal brand focused on the provision of quality filled, yet affordable wedding dresses with unique designs. 


The Leading Source of Support for Business Growth and Reliability in Technology Engineering,

Information Technology IT , Telecommunications, Power Systems, Innovative Technologies Infrastructure Design, Plan, Construct, Test, Deploy


ALITI ROSE is your one stop shop for your favorite textiles and cosmetics.

High quality imported goods from the United States shipped to customers worldwide!

Free USA and United Arab Emirates shipping..

ALITI CARES Charity Efforts

ALITI Cares Charity Efforts is a branch of all of Alina's companies and focuses on charity relief projects in the following categories:

1.Worldwide Projects:

a.Poverty Relief Projects: Support and Financial Relief for Low Income Families

2.Africa Relief Projects:

a.Water Charity Efforts

b.Educational Charity Efforts

c.Medical Charity Efforts

d.People Charity Efforts

Spiritual Interiors

Spiritual Interiors focuses on the provision of home furnishings and wall posters to give your home just the right touch aesthetically and spiritually.

Posters are shipped to buyers worldwide and profits are donated to support all ALITI CARES Charity Efforts.

ALINA LIWO Songs & Lyrics

Song writing and lyricist services for the provision of original music and lyrics to artists.


Fictitious short stories inspired by the rich Folk Tales of The Bafanji Village; located in Ngoketungya Division of the North-West Province in Cameroon.


Self-improvement and empowerment challenges and e-Books for the aspiring Entrepreneur.

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