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"I've had the pleasure of being asked to review several products from some amazing brands!

Have a look and be sure to subscribe to receive emails on how you can receive amazing products and try out these experiences for ​yourself."

~ alina

YouTuber EllenCooks shares her Biryani with Me

"This will probably be one of my easest reviews.

It was DELISH!

Thanks Ellen!"

~ alina (@ojamea1) - Product Collaboration Finest Collection

of products for all the "Lovers of Africa"

"I had bags and bags of products to review, and each  product was more delicious than the last!

The Butter Bread was... Mmmmm... Just watch the video for yourself. I could barely get through the review!"

~ alina

Cutnedge Cartoons (@Cut_and_GG) - Paid Collaboration

CutnEdge Cartoons: The Lenita Series

Character Brand Ambassador

"SUPER EXCITED to be the CutandEdge Cartoons "Lenita Series" Brand Ambassador.

It only felt right to dress up and introduce this character to you all on Halloween.

Lenita is just a regular teenager, who goes to school, loves her family, has a crush on a boy... but she's got a secret... Can you guess what it is?

She's a Superhero !

The cartoon was created and is illustrated by the extremely talented Black Creative, Ron Bryant, who has created an entire adventure cartoon that revolves around a character called GG and her family; with each family member having their own series !

I look forward to sharing more about his Lenita character with you all!"

~ alina

CutnEdge Cartoons


HOH WATER (@HOHWATERMalaysia) - Review

Alina's Review

"I got asked to try out this new water brand from Malaysia.

I was skeptical at first, but – man! Is it awesome!

But water’s just water, right? That’s what I thought till I tried out HOH Water.

I found myself feeling more energized throughout the day, and extremely hydrated! My skin started to glow and even my bowl movements improved (sorry for the TMI lol).

Naturally, after such amazing results, I gave it to my Mum to try who suffers from a few chronic illnesses. She was a different person in as soon as 3 days. No complaints of nausea, body pains, constipation, etc.

According to HOH water, what makes their water so special is their treatment process. The water is magnetized to where the PH is balanced, and hydrates the cells in the body; as well as many other benefits. 

The water is Health and Safety approved, is also Halal certified and sells at Malaysian retail price for $1 a bottle.

I only share the good stuff with you guys, so CLICK HERE to give it a try for yourself"

~ alina

NRTC Fresh (@NRTCFresh) - Review

Alina's Review

"I was extremely pleased with my first order from NRTC Fresh. Their website was extremely easy to use and they have every fruit and vegetable you can think of. After filling my cart, I selected the “Card Payment on Delivery” option and requested to receive my delivery as soon as the next day. 

Surely enough, I received a call the next morning confirming my order (which I appreciated; instead of the unsuspecting delivery at a random time). The Delivery Guy came with a card machine and I was pleased to be able to use my US bank card to make the payment; which can sometimes be a problem.

All the fruits and vegetables were extremely fresh, and the best part about the delivery; aside from the food of course, was the packaging. Absolutely beautiful, and the vegetables and fruits were neatly wrapped with paper, cling foil; or were placed in containers.

Most importantly, the prices were extremely affordable with free delivery.

I definitely recommend using NRTC Fresh for your fruits and vegetable needs. Definitely tastier and fresher than what you’d find at the store!

Visit to find out for yourself."

~ alina

Global Village Dubai - Season 24 Review

Alina's Review

"Global Village Dubai’s 24th Season was phenomenal. The last time I had visited Global Village was in 2015, so I was completely surprised to return to what felt like a completely different world. What I loved the most about the trip (which was for a business meeting that later turned into a fun excursion with family) was the energy of the place. The atmosphere was filled with genuine positivity and hospitality; from the ticket sales cashiers to the people at the different pavilions. 

"Let’s talk about the pavilions, shall we? Exceptional, exceptional, exceptional attention to detail. To view the architectures of the world in one spot; see the people, and experience the tastes and sounds from places you only see on TV. To view the cultures first hand without even having to buy a plane ticket is definitely an experience you can’t take for granted.

Have a look for yourself and let me know what you think :D"

~ alina

Dubai Miracle Garden (@DubaiMiracleGarden) - 2020 Park Visit

Alina's Review

"My company ALITI Productions & Talent Agency (USA | UAE) had the pleasure of collaborating on a project with the Dubai Miracle Garden this January 2020, so of course, I had the luxury of touring the park. I was left beyond speechless. The park had a princesses and castle theme this year; so of course, it was like walking into almost every girl’s fairy tale. The giant castles made me wish I had visited the park wearing a giant ball gown to look the part! 

I definitely recommend taking the time to visit this marvelous park at least one in your lifetime." 

~ alina

Kat Von D (@KatVonD) - Tattoo Liner

Alina's Review

"Wow! I've gotta tell ya, I could definitely feel the quality and effort that went into making this product. The easy application, color saturation and sleekness of this eye-liner was everything. My favorite part about it? The thin application brush. Need more juice? Shake it like a ball-point pen and apply! Definitely wayyy cheaper than it should be. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!" 

~ alina

Kat Von D (@KatVonD) - Lash Liner

Alina's Review

"I was happy to receive the Kat Von D Fearless Collection Lash Liner for review. The attractive packaging and style of the lash liner container made it not only exciting to use, but easy to hold. Upon opening the lash liner, I immediately noticed that the tip of the liner was a an elongated curved sponge brush. The curvature of the tip of the liner made it extremely easy to almost just print the liner to the top of my eye-lid; with an easy replication to the other side. The best part about this product is how easily it wipes of with make-up remover wipes/ washes off. Cherry on the cake - it's extremely affordable."

~ alina

Qivaro (@Qivaro_Brand) - Ultra Superfood Greens

Alina's Review

"This product was an absolute delight! Made with all natural ingredients and sweeteners, it was easy to drink and was even better when blended into a smoothie.  

In my opinion, due to the large variety of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals, and because I always felt extremely full after drinking it, it could easily serve as a meal replacement. It also served as a great body cleanser and which left my skin glowing."

~ alina

Ravessa - Watches (@RavessaWatches) - Olivia (White)

Alina's Review

Ravessa-Watches (formerly known as Arvessa-Watches) is a great online store for purchasing affordable watches with unique designs.

Click Here to get your discount code

Vitamyze (@Vitamyze) - BAM-PAK

Alina's Review

"It didn't take long for me to feel the effects of Vitamyze's Body & Mind Dietary Supplements (BAM-PAK). Within days of having taken the supplements, The abundance of key natural ingredients, minerals and vitamins left me feeling less fatigued, and I immediately started to notice that I had more energy to do things throughout the day. I would definitely recommend this product to any and everyone."

~ alina

Logan Garments (@LoganGarments)

Alina's Review

"I had the greatest time making this promotional video for the Logan Garments brand. As a company, Logan Garments takes pride in maintaining a relationship with its buyers and supporting them with their ambitions. As a product, although the delivery took a bit of time, the sweater was of great quality and had a great fit with perfect insulation."

~ alina


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