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Alina Liwo

Fashion Designer


Alina Liwo

  • Award Winning Celebrity Entrepreneur 

  • Owner of ALITI GROUP LLC (umbrella company to 18 sub-corporations) 

  • Fashion and Entertainment person of influence.

Alina Liwo

Southern Illinois University - Carbondale:

BSc Degree in Applied Sciences & Arts

Illinois Small Business Development Center:

Business Development, Marketing & International Trade |

Alina Liwo is a full time entrepreneur and uses her passion for creativity and philanthropy as a foundation 

for the companies she starts. 

Alina showcased her first collection at the age of 14 and launched her first business, ALITI FASHIONS, in the state of Illinois 

at the age of 19. She is now the Founder and Owner of ALITI GROUP LLC, the umbrella corporation to 18 sub-companies in different industries.

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~ Alina

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