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"I love sharing new brands and products with my social media supporters. 

Don't be shy, get in touch!"

~ alina


Give away 1 free product or service to Alina's social media followers, and boost your social media following and client base!

  • Brands exposed to @alinaliwo following base

  • Instagram Story "Products/Service Poll" for followers to vote on your brand's favorite products/ services

  • Results of poll shared with brand

  • Raffle draw with brand's product/ service as the prize

  • 1 Item purchased by Alina and shipped to the winner of raffle draw for free

Social Media PR and Marketing Services

"Let's Collab!" ~ alina

Have your products and/or services marketed and advertised on Alina's social media pages; with photo and video content created for you, by Alina and her team.

It's more affordable than you think.

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